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An optional guided breathing meditation (a few minutes only), is available to you. It will help you prepare and calm, allowing

you to reach the deepest level of relaxation possible. This blissful experience will enable your senses to be relaxed,

quietened and balanced by Saphirra’s intuitive touch.


Relaxation Massage

Complete focus  on the back, neck and shoulders 

30 min                    $50

Saphirra’s Signature Massage.  Detox and Deepest Relaxation

60 min                    $80


Divine indulgence!                                                                                                

90 min                  $120

Reflexology – Ancient Chinese Foot Massage

Soothes tired feet and relieves ailments.                                                           

30 min                    $60

Indian Head Massage – A Spiritual Tradition

Focus is on the neck, shoulders, head and face.

Oil is massaged into the scalp. Remain fully clothed and seated.                   

30 min                    $50


Body Brushing Ritual          $10

Aromatherapy Ritual          $10


The Rejuvenation Facial 

Look after  your best asset today.                                                                       

30 min                   $55

The Deluxe Radiance Facial

A luxurious skin nourishing facial that promotes youthfulness. This

treatment includes a neck, shoulders and décolletage massage.     .            

60 min                    $80


The Pure Bliss Experience – Heavenly!                                                      

60 min Saphirra’s Signature Relaxation Massage

60 min Deluxe Radiance Facial

2 Hr  Treatment                   $140

The “Organic”  Skin Experience– Your skin will glow!                             

45 min Full Body Brushing and Exfoliation with a divine Exfoliant

60 min Saphirra’s Signature Relaxation Massage

1 ¾ Hr  Treatment              $160

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