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the day spa experience

Saphirra's Boutique Day Spa is your place to unwind. The Day Spa is in a serenely stylish surround at Studio on Ormond, with beautiful music. Saphirra uses divine essential oils and  has a soothing touch. All of your senses will be blissfully relaxed.

At the beginning of your massage or facial, you have the option of  Saphirra's calming voice guiding you in breath and mindfulness for several minutes. Then, with a personalized touch, her healing hands will intuitively continue with your treatment, helping you achieve inner peace and balance.

Saphirra believes relaxation massage is important because it takes the tightness out of the muscles. This enables us to let go the tension within our bodies and supports the release of the pressures within our minds. As the pressure releases we relax. There is nothing you need do during the massage experience, except to breathe, Saphirra will take care of the rest.


  The Day Spa uses Emergin C, the best quality, natural, Skincare products available to you.  Vitamin C fights free radicals, reduces aging, brightens the skin and reduces pigmentation (age spots). These beautiful, cosmecutical products, with active ingredients,  will produce powerful results, leaving you looking and feeling great! After your facial,  your skin will feel smooth, hydrated and nourished.  

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